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Ultraviolet Light Sterilizer.

Unlike water disinfection through chemical approaches, using Ultraviolet light Sterilizer rapid infection of micro-organisms can be achieved. As a part of sunlight, Ultraviolet (UV) light rays come from the Sun. It is invisible to the naked human eye. What so ever, most of the time, UV rays emitted from sun are absorbed by the Ozone layer. The UV spectrum has a lower frequency than x-rays and has a higher frequency when compared to visible light. It means that the UV spectrum has a lower wavelength than x-rays and comparatively a higher frequency than visible light. Since it has a high potential to act as a strong germicidal. It is very well known as an effective disinfectant. UV disinfectant water is effective against protozoans such as Cryptosporidium oocysts or Giardia lamblia cysts.

UV disinfectants are highly effective and have been famous commercially for decades in the fields of cosmetic industries, electronics industries, pharmaceutical industries, and beverage industries. It was famous in the US during the early 1900s for disinfecting drinking water. But later it has abandoned because of the unreliable equipment, high operating costs, and due to the popularity of chlorination.

However, due to the improvement of UV technology and due to the safety issues of chlorination, UV has acceptance from both household systems and municipal. There are more than 2000 UV water treatment plants in Europe. Also in the US, there are few large scale UV water treatment plants. Standard 55 under NSF has classified and certified disinfection systems into two classes. The classes are, as Class A unit and Class B unit.

Class A

This type of Ultraviolet water treatment system has a design that lets the disinfectants remove the microorganisms from contaminated water. Bacteria and viruses include the category of contaminated disinfectants. In class, A point-of-use system and point-of-entry systems are designed to inactive and remove micro-organisms. The micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses, Giardia cysts, and Cryptosporidium oocyst can be removed. This system is highly suitable for the installation in visually clear water.

Class B

This type of Ultraviolet water treatment system has a design that will allow providing supplemental bactericidal treatment. It operates at a minimum dosage and it doesn’t intend to disinfect microbiologically unsafe water.

Advantages of Ultraviolet Light

Experiments and researches scientifically prove that UV light has the tendency to deactivate an extensive list of pathogens. It removes Pathogens such as Pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and protozoa. This method is highly effective than using chlorine-based disinfection. UV is an effective chemical-free method that adds nothing other than the UV light. This method is a safety benefit for water plant operators and the people living near the surrounding since it doesn’t require any handling, transportation nor storing of harmful chemicals and toxins to purify water.

There is no cause of carcinogenic disinfection due to UV treatments that adversely affect water quality. UV treatments can simultaneously disinfect harmful compounds while breaking down toxic chemical contaminants. Also, it is one of the best methods to inactivate a wide range of micro-organisms.

This system doesn’t only protect the cost but also it is useful for cost reduction as well. UV disinfection doesn’t comprise of an operating cost for electrical consumption and Annual lamp replacement. Cost born in case of any leakage responses, risk management, administration, operator training, and emergency planning can be eliminated with the use of UV.

There is a widespread adoption for Ultraviolet light Sterilizer because it is a chemical-free, highly environmentally friendly, effective and safe way to purify water and to get rid of harmful microorganisms.

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