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In this era, water pollution is a big topic that we are talking about. With the current situation of polluted water, Ultra-filtration is a common word that we are referring to. So let us see what is ultra-filtration is.

In wastewater treatment, recycling and reusing of water that doesn’t contain any solid waste are virtually filtered with Ultra-filtration devices. This is a membrane filtration process that is similar to RO (reverse osmosis). In Ultra-filtration a permeable membrane is used to remove inorganic substances, suspended solids, organic components, and heavy metals from wastewater. It also filters depending on the size of the substances. Also, different types of filtration membranes are essential to use here to separate the substances from the contaminated water. The membrane contains pores from 4-21 nm and a molecular weight of 100-100000 Da.

Ultra-filtration uses a membrane material that uses hollow fiber. The feed water travels either from the lumen of the fiber or inside the shell. Water with lower molecular solutes and substances passes over the membrane. While higher molecular weight such as suspended solutes and solids retains. Ultra-filtration is similar to micro-filtration, reverse osmosis, and nano-filtration. The only difference between them is, in terms of the molecular size they retain. However, UF filtration is an ideal filtration method for removing proteins, colloids, bacteria, and any macromolecules smaller than the pores of the membrane.

Applications of Ultra-filtration

To produce potable water that does not consist of macromolecules or particulates, ultra-filtration can be used. It is always advisable to use Ultra-filtration over the traditional filtration methods. Since it is capable of achieving 90-100% pathogen removal which exceeds regulatory standards of required water quality. It has a compact plant size which is easy to use. Ultra-filtration has a good product quality over the feed quality. The most special fact about it is, it doesn’t require any chemicals for the filtration process.

However, very easy processing is essential when simply recycling water. Intensive processing is essential to meet the industrial standards while processing ultrafiltration for the removal of solids and contaminated substances through the semi-permeable membrane.

Water that passes through the Ultra-filtration process is useful in industries such as cooling and boiler tower feed water supplementation, hardstands and vehicles, pH adjustment, washing equipment, fire protection, manufacturing industries, and dust control.

Recycling water is a tremendous help for the environment. Recycling water enormously reduces the deflection of water vitally. It also reduces wastewater discharge and pollution highly.


Ultra-filtration systems are highly eco-friendly. This method can be to treat wastewater since it recovers 90-95% of the water. This a system that gets operated with low pressure. It removes most of the bacterias and viruses. However, it makes sure to protect the essential components of water. This system doesn’t produce wastewater and it is easy and quick to install.

In the good old days, Ultra water filters are used only in large city water plants and hospitals. But now you can put all your stress away and get the easily fitting Ultra water filters to see your happy home smiling with healthy and clean water.

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