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RO – Reverse Osmosis

Let us first see the difference between Reverse Osmosis and Osmosis.

Osmosis is a natural process that takes place in a natural environment. It is one of the most important phenomena occurring in the environment to keep the environmental balance. In this process, weak saline water will be getting convert into strong saline water. As an example, we can talk about the way the kidney absorbs the water from the blood and the way that how roots of plants absorb water from the soil. In osmosis solutions with less concentration have a natural tendency to move to a solution with high concentration.

Reverse osmosis is a special filtration process that happens in the opposite way. However, in reverse osmosis, feed water or unfiltered water removes the contaminants consequently. Usually in osmosis energy is not an essential factor. But in reverse osmosis to reverse the process of osmosis energy is essential. However, reverse osmosis uses a thin, semi-permeable membrane. This membrane allows the passage of some atoms and molecules. The pores of the membrane are small enough only to allow the passage of water vapers and large enough for the passage of liquid water molecules. Water should be pushed with high pressure than the normally occurring pressure, through the reverse osmotic membrane. Using this method highly purified water is produced. This water is mostly useful for drinking water systems, food and beverage industries, seawater desalination, pharmaceutical productions, industrial boilers, cosmetic productions and used in many other industries and applications.

Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse osmosis is applicable in water filtration systems easily because they can efficiently remove water contaminated with mineral substances, impurities, bacteria, salts, and detergents. They have several stages of filtration. The first layer is a pre-filtration layer. This layer uses a high-pressure pump to propel feed water which connects to the drinking water line. Usually, this feed series of filters that are carbon-based, that get connects to the water. Before they flow into the reverse osmosis chamber, they filter mineral deposits and sediments.

The second layer is the reverse osmotic layer. Semipermeable membrane pushes the feed water through it. It looks like an impermeable membrane to the naked eye. In reverse osmotic systems, the spaces of the membrane are approximately one micron wide which is less wide than the human hair.  

The third and fourth layers consist of the drainage and storage. It also drains all the contaminants that did not get filtered in the first and second stages. At the end of this phase, the storage tank stores pure water until it is essential for the use of humans.

Advantages of Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse osmosis produces water that is very healthy and good for drinking purposes. Reverse osmotic filters are simple and easy to operate. For the ease of installation, it consists of a modular design. This system reduces the cost spent on water and sewage. The most attractive feature of it is, it doesn’t require any hazardous chemicals. It is an energy-efficient system that is especially useful to use instead of distillation to produce highly purified water. There is a possibility of integrating the existing ion exchange system or membrane filtration system to achieve up to 80% rinse water cycle.

Benefits of consuming filtered water.

It reduces the dissolved Harmful contaminants in the filtered water. Further, it reduces Components such as Sodium and bad taste, odors, and smells. However, it’s Highly environmentally friendly than bottled water. It is easy to install and maintain. Accordingly, Reverse osmosis systems are the best fittings under the kitchen sinks as well. Therefore, without any fear, we can consume this water. Because reverse osmosis system provides pure water in the same quality of bottled water refreshing your body and mind. While it cuts the environmental cost as well.

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