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VF (UF) – 706

VIAIN VF(UF)-706 Water Purifier for filter out unwanted impurities in tab water using UF(Ultra Filtration) Technology which has a very thin film composite membrane. It filters dangerous metals like microbes, lead, arsenic and other metals as well as other impurities of tab/ municipal water. The machine is suitable for the ones who are looking for filters with hot/cold capability.


All in One

  • 2/3 Faucets Hot/ Cold / Normal
  • Futuristic Design
  • Stainless Steel Tanks
  • External Resistance Heater
  • POU Or Bottle Option
  • One Piece Blow Mold Housing
  • Electronic Water Dispensing Push Button
  • Built In Cup Dispenser
  • Optional Hot Water Safety Guard
  • Compressor Cooling System
  • Environment Friendly R134a Refrigerant
  • Detachable Drip Tray
  • Color Option Available


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VIAIN VF(UF)-706 Purifier is the finest choice for the geographical ranges which are ridiculously rich in harmful materials like calcium, arsenic, lead and other heavy metals because the UF(Ultra Filtration) filters with filtration accuracy of 0.01 micron. It can able to filters the microbes, rust,chlorine and heavy metals. Almost it filters exactly everything rather than H2o particles and some needed minerals. And the aforementioned has four types like PP ,GAC , CTO , UF  cartridges for the filtration process.

Our VIAIN VF(UF)-706 Purifiers are astonishingly designed by the team and it is suitable for House, Office and medium or small industries such as ice cream or candy manufacturing industries because it’s Rate Of Flow is 75 G /284 L per day which is actually the biggest number. This is the more efficient and reasonably priced machine compared to other filters in the market and the advantages is as follows:

The Main Advantages:

Firstly, we used the high quality ABS Food Grade materials inside the filter and Metal plate for outer housing as we considering water quality while human safety.

Secondly, it is using the less power and single phase electricity.

Thirdly, it provides hot, cold and normal purified water and the child safety lock also present.

Finally, handsomely designed machines for modern homes and offices with multi functionalities available for affordable price.

More to Read:

An evolution in the area of water dispensers , VIAIN Introduces new generations ; with some of the dispensers having the first and only double anti-bacterial protection. The new generation’s are all based on the five groups of contaminates in the water, each generation treating the water using a more advanced purification system . Generation 3 (G3) for basic treatment, generation 4 (G4)  a unique and advanced treatment system, and a new table dispenser generation 5 (G5), for the perfect water.

Details Parameter
Brand Name VIAIN
Model Number VF – 706
Product name: VIAIN Stand UF Water Purifier
Application Home , Office , Shops, Small & Medium Factories
Purification Principle Ultra Filtration
Filtration Process PP + GAC + CTO + UF + UV
filter PP + GAC + CTO + UF + UV
Filter life: 3-6 Months ( It Depends )
Filter cartridge: PP + GAC + CTO + UF + UV
Suitable For Water Quality Municipal Tap Water Direct Pipe Line
Material: Housing Material – Metal Plate , ABS Food Grade
Mode Hot / Cold / Normal
Function Remove Algae, Bacteria & Viruses, Bad Taste, Big Particles, Bleaching Powder, Calcium, Chlorine, DBP, flouride, Germ, Hydrogen Sulphide, Impurities, Micropes, Odor, Organic Matter, Pesticide, Red Sand Worm, Sand, Sediment Rush, Silt, Suspended Solids, The Ditch, Worm Egg
Child Safety Lock Yes
Hot Water 5L/H(>85C) , 500W , 1.1 L Tank
Cold Water 2L/H(>10C) , 100W , 2.5 L Tank
Rated Power : Total 585 W
Rated Power Heating 500 W
Rated Power  Cooling 85 W
Heating Capacity 83 – 89C 5L/H
Cooling Capacity 4-10C 2L/H
Refrigerant R134a
Type Of Protecting Electric Shock 1
Energy Consumption 0.8 – 1.2 Kwh/24h
Compressor Single Phase
Power Connecting Mode X
Installation Easily Installed
Rated Voltage Frequency 230V~50Hz / 110V~60Hz
Power 585 W
Flush Type Auto Flush
Rated Water Flow 3 G/hr  Or  12 L/hr   ,  75 G/Day Or 284 L/Day
Pump Style 75 Gallon Water Pump
Work Inlet Pressure 0.1-0.4Mpa
Clean Water Tank Hot 1.1 l  ,  Cold 2.5 L
Advantage Multi-functional Purifier
Filtration Accuracy 0.0001 Micron
Ambient Temperature 5°C-45°C
Certification CB ,CE , RoHS , WQA
Product  Dimension 300*270*965 (mm)
Single gross weight 12 kg
Disclaimer All Product, Product Specifications And Data Are Subject To Change Without Notice To Improve Reliability, Function Or Design. (When the Technology Advancement Occurs)

Additional information

Filtration by

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