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The VIAIN UF Central Water Softener, VF-450, is perfect for removing hardness from the hard water and make it as soft water. It is suitable for houses, Hotels, Hospitals, and Factories. The good news is that it removes not only hard water but also removes Microbes, rust, sediment, and bad odor while retaining the necessary minerals.


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The VIAIN UF Central Water Softener is intended to design for them who are suffering from hard water hazards. First of all, what is called Hard Water? Scale Accumulation on Water System Fixtures (pipes, motors) and Appliances. If you identify this, you very likely have hard water. The hard water hazards are like Dehydrated Skin and Hair, Washed-out Clothes, Discolored Sinks and Tubs, Recurrent Water System Repairs, An Increase in Water bills, and Unattractive Tableware. Are you suffer from the above? The VIAIN UF Central Water Softener is the Right choice for you.

The VIAIN UF Central Water Softener comes with a multi filtration process to meet the Maximum quality and accuracy of the clean water and it uses Ultra Filtration Membrane, Coconut Activated Carbon, and KDF cartridges.  it removes Suspended Solids, mud, rust, Bacteria & Viruses, Microbes/parasite, Sediment Rush, Residual Chlorine, Lead, Mercury, Iron, and Hydrogen Sulfide, Bad taste, Odor and Color while keeping the elements which are useful to the human body. It weighs 50 kg approximately and produces 2000 liters/per hour and 48000 liters/per day. The high standard stainless steel material used hence, no need to worry about the health risks.

The Advantages:
  • Fully, automated. No manual work needed after the installation.
  • Corrosion-resistant, rust-free and energy-efficient because high-quality material used.
  • efficient exchange of Calcium and magnesium ion exchangeability.
  • Computer-controlled soft water process, Saves time.
  • Anti leakage tanks, high-quality material used
Details Parameter
Brand Name VIAIN
Model Number VF 450
Product name VIAIN UF Central Water Softner
Application Home, Offices, Factories, Hotels & Restaurants, Enterprisers
Purification Principle UF + 304 Stainless Steel Mesh + Quartz Sand + High Efficiency Coconut Shell Activated Carbon + KDF + Magnetic Stone
Filtration Process Activated carbon+Imported Qualified KDF+Hollow Fiber UF Membrane+Quartz Sands+Magnetic stone +Valve etc.
filter Ultrafiltration membrane +Activated carbon + KDF
Filter life: 3 – 6 Months (It Depends )
Filter cartridge Ultrafiltration Membrane + Coconut Activated Carbon + KDF
Purification Stages Multi
Suitable For Water Quality Municipal Tap Water
Function Suspended Solids, Effectively remove mud, rust, Bacteria & Viruses, Microbes/parasite, Sediment Rush, Germ, Residual Chlorine,  Lead, Mercury, Iron, and Hydrogen Sulfide, Bad taste, Odor, Color and keep the useful element
Material: 304 Stainless Steel Food Grade
Installation Easily Installed  Screw Type
Clean Water Flow 528 G/H Or 2000 L/H,    12672 G/Day Or 48000 L/Day
Rated Total Flow Unlimited
Rated Voltage Frequency 110V~50Hz / 230V~60Hz
Display Yes
Alarm Yes
Power 24 W
Flush Type Manual flush & Automatic flush
Inlet & Outlet 3/4 ” Or 1″ (Inch)
Work Inlet Pressure 0.05 – 0.3 MPa
Interface form 6 Point threaded interface
Advantage Cost-Effective Deep Purification Water Filter, Long Use
Filtration Accuracy 0.01 Micron
Ambient Temperature 4°C – 40°C
Certification CE, FCC
Product  Dimension 250*895 (mm )
Single gross weight Approximately 50 kg
Disclaimer All Product, Product Specifications And Data Are Subject To Change Without Notice To Improve Reliability, Function Or Design. (When the Technology Advancement Occurs)


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