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VF – SH 3

Electronic Screen Display

The electronic display makes it more considerate and convenient, meanwhile, Miniwell L760 has super long lifetime while keeping the perfect chlorine removal rate, comparing with other competitions.

Perfect Filtration Effect

Unique CND process media can remove over 99% of residual chlorine and keep stable removal performance if our product fails to work as our description, Miniwell promise to pay back your money within 120 days from the date of your purchasing.

Chrome Plating & Smooth water-flow

With attractive and shiny shell, the filter can keeps the large water flow while maintain excellent filtration performance. Let you enjoy the best showering experience.


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Revolutionary CND process media – Refined by natural raw materials
We select the high-quality coconut shell, make the first-grade activated carbon fiber with the special treatment technology, and then add the nano deoxidization particles, which makes the powerful filtering media.

The internal filter composes of the activated carbon fiber and nano deoxidization particles, the absorption rate of carbon fiber is 5 times of the traditional carbon, which enables the filter to remove 99% of chlorine. The harmful heavy metals such as copper, lead, mercury and others, react with the nano deoxidization particles and plate out onto the medium’s surface, thus being effectively removed from the water supply, balance out your PH levels.
Comparing with the other brands’ simple mixture of the raw materials, Miniwell adopts CND technology to make the raw materials high-densification treatment, which greatly enhances the filtration performance of the filter, makes its filtration precision reaches 10 microns. High effectively remove 99% chlorine,thms, contaminants, impurities and other harmful substance, inhibits the growth of scale, algae, fungi, mold and restores what your hard, chemical filled water did to your hair, skin and nails, reduces the risk of developing eczema,asthma, bronchitis and dry itchy skin.


Details Parameter
Brand Name VIAIN
Model Number VF – SH 3
Product name Shower Pink
Application All Bathroom Shower
Purification Principle UF
Filtration Process PP Cotton Filter  + Carbon Fiber + Nano Deoxidization Media
filter PP Cotton Filter  + Carbon Fiber + Nano Deoxidization Media
Filter life: 3 – 6 Months
Filter cartridge PP Cotton Filter  + Carbon Fiber + Nano Deoxidization Media
Suitable For Water Quality Municipal Tap Water
Function  Remove Algae, Bacteria & Viruses, Bad Taste, Big Particles, Bleaching Powder, Calcium, Chlorine, flouride, Germ, Hydrogen Sulphide, Impurities, Iron, Micropes, Odor, Organic Matter, Pesticide, Red Sand Worm, Sand, Sediment Rush, Silt, Suspended Solids, The Ditch, Worm Egg
Material: PP, AS Food Grade
Installation Easily Installed
Clean Water Flow 120 G/hr  Or  454 L/hr  ,    2880 G/Day Or  10900 L/Day
Reminder Sticker Yes
Advantages Perfect Filtration Effect

Transparent Visual Shell

Chrome Plating & Smooth Water Flow

Work Inlet Pressure 15-80 PSI
Capacity 10000 – 13000 Gallons
Filtration Accuracy Up to 10 Micron
Ambient Temperature 5°C – 60°C
Certification SGS
Product  Dimension 110 X 80 X 205 mm
Single gross weight Approximately 500 g
Disclaimer All Product, Product Specifications And Data Are Subject To Change Without Notice To Improve Reliability, Function Or Design. (When the Technology Advancement Occurs)


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